Foundations is a complete resource for teaching believers the essential doctrines of Christian faith, providing the theological basis for living a purpose-driven life. Join us on Wednesday nights at 7pm as we discover 11 core Christian/Biblical foundational truths such as: The Bible, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Creation, Salvation, Sanctification, Good & Evil, The Afterlife, The Church, and The Second Coming. 

If you want to see how beliefs change behavior, lessen your day to day stress level by having key assurances, have an increased security in an insecure world, understanding to help raise kids with the right perspectives and increase your love and trust in God; than sign up today or just show up.

If you want the participant guide for each lesson, it is only $16.00 and you can order it by filling out a blue card at church or by giving online as "Other" and putting Foundation in the memo section. 


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To trust in the power of God's truth to change your life.